C&C update May 2013

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C&C update May 2013

This year’s Spring has finally sprung and the C&C archive now holds a grand total of 40 classical encounters from all over the world and covering no fewer than four centuries. Get your digital pith helmet on and dive back in time through the C&C store!


Edith has been unearthing all sorts of class-conscious encounters with the classics. We’ve posted encounters involving Edgell Rickword, Timothy Claxton, Max Beer, Arthur Calder-Marshall and Andreas Karkavitsas – to name just a few. One of my favourites from the particularly productive month of April is the one about the controversial first African-American Mayor of Detroit, Coleman Young, depicted by an artist named ‘Regina’ as a Modern-day Pericles.

The idea and image for this encounter was kindly contributed by Michele Ronnick (Wayne State University), who specialises in African-American receptions of classical culture. You too could help our project along by sending us things or tips about people that engage with both social class and classical culture. Please keep your ears open and your eyes peeled!

We have also been updating the ‘Research’ section of the site where you can read ‘groundwork’ essays written before the C&C project began (almost exclusively by Edith) about classics and class. As we produce new essays on the same subject they will go up in the same place, under ‘current work’.


I shot our first video for the “Watch + Listen” section of the website this Monday. I was just walking through the Old Paddington Cemetery, when I chanced upon Justine McConnell (APGRD, Oxford) paying her respects at the graveside of Edward Spencer Beesly (1831-1915). We got talking and she agreed to answer a few questions I had about the African-American abolitionist, Sarah Parker Remond. Here’s the video.

There are new encounters going up on the C&C website all the time, so bookmark the archive and drop by every now and then to join in the discussion.